Issues and Solutions

A new generation of conservative leadership must focus on the issues that impact the future of everyday people in our communities in Alamance County. Family, Justice, and Economics are and will continue to be the issues that affect everyone.

School Bus & Children


The Stakes are High

1) Peter is adamantly pro-life. His first act in the legislature will be introducing an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution recognizing that the right to life must be protected from the womb to the tomb.
2) North Carolina must protect the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. Peter understands that this includes families’ religious liberty, the right to let kids play unsupervised, and school choice.
3) North Carolina needs to strengthen privacy laws, particularly as they affect children’s information online. As a Certified Privacy Professional, Peter knows how to make this happen.
4) An expert in today's technologies, Peter supports a ban on social media companies from creating accounts for minors and supports severe penalties for social media and technology companies that design products to be addictive for young people.
5) Community health needs more family and less government. The state should facilitate doctors, churches, and nonprofits helping with health crises rather than issuing mandates from Raleigh.

 Scales of Justice


Change has Come. Let's Give Law Enforcement a Hand Up.

1) Cybercrime is increasing faster than law enforcement can deal with it. We need dedicated resources so every county can bring to justice those who would steal from our seniors, our local governments, and our businesses.
2) Small businesses, nonprofits, and local governments should qualify for incentives to secure their own information. Government tools for cybersecurity have too often helped primarily big business, and it is time the smaller organizations got a hand up.
3) While drug addiction should be treated as the health crisis that it is, we must crack down on drug dealing. We need a dedicated commission to review annually whether current criminal penalties are having the needed deterrent effect, and if not, we must increase them.
4) Peter believes that North Carolina should leverage expertise in its world-class university system to develop evidence-based policies that will reduce recidivism. 
5) We should invest more in our District and Superior Courts so that the judges who have the largest impact on Alamance County citizens have the resources and time to make the best decisions.

Conference Room


Smart Growth

1) Peter knows that a family should be able to support itself on one income if the family chooses to. By attracting more businesses to our area with pro-growth policies, more employers will be competing for our residents’ skills and incomes will rise.
2) Alamance County sits in between two large metro-areas with growing technology sectors. Peter believes that Alamance County's voices have the tools to attract cutting edge businesses to our area; we just need to use them correctly. After working in tech-heavy industry, Peter knows how to get this done.
3) North Carolina has great agriculture technology businesses. Peter will work for policy that incentivizes these companies to better cooperate with rural North Carolina farmers on early adoption of their most promising technologies.
4) We need to prioritize infrastructure that will have the biggest impact on Alamance County. This includes maintaining our roads, bridges, and parks, expanding access to the fastest internet available, and expanding port capacity for agricultural and other exports while working to reduce transport costs.